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Aligning Incentives for Sustainable Success with Marvel Group’s Shared Cost Savings Model

Learn how the Marvel Group’s innovative Shared Cost Savings model fosters collaboration, drives efficiency, and aligns the interests of your hospital and surgeons to achieve better outcomes and financial performance in your spine surgery program.

In today’s complex healthcare landscape, aligning the interests of hospitals and surgeons is critical for achieving sustainable success in spine surgery. The Marvel Group’s Shared Cost Savings model is designed to foster this alignment by creating a financial framework that incentivizes collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

At the core of the Shared Cost Savings model is a simple yet powerful concept: when hospitals and surgeons work together to optimize care delivery and reduce unnecessary costs, everyone benefits. By sharing a portion of the cost savings achieved through these efforts, the model creates a direct financial incentive for surgeons to adopt best practices, streamline processes, and drive innovation in patient care.

How it Works


Baseline Assessment

Our team works with your surgeon partners to establish a baseline revision rate and quality metrics in your spine surgery program, readmission rates, and patient outcomes.

continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

We provide your surgeons access to the Marvel Group’s extensive resources, including the Quality Assessment Registry, best practice guidelines, and peer networking opportunities, empowering them to identify and implement opportunities for improvement in their practice.

save money

Cost Savings Sharing

As your surgeons adopt best practices and drive quality improvement resulting in lower revision rates, the resulting cost savings are shared by surgeons with surgeons, creating a powerful financial incentive for ongoing collaboration and improvement.


Ongoing Support

Our team provides continuous support and guidance to ensure the success of the Shared Cost Savings model, including regular performance reviews, benchmarking against industry standards, and strategic planning to support long-term program growth and sustainability.

The Benefits of the Marvel Group’s Shared Cost Savings Model Are Significant

  • Aligned incentives that foster collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Improved financial performance for both hospitals and surgeons
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and resource utilization
  • Better patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Increased surgeon engagement and retention
  • Sustainable, long-term success for your spine surgery program

By aligning the interests of your hospital and surgeons, the Shared Cost Savings model creates a powerful foundation for success in today’s value-based healthcare environment. It encourages a focus on quality, efficiency, and innovation while providing a direct financial reward for your surgical team’s hard work and dedication.

Don’t let misaligned incentives hold back your spine surgery program. Partner with the Marvel Group and harness the power of our Shared Cost Savings model to drive sustainable success for your hospital, your surgeons, and your patients. Together, we’ll create a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and excellence in spine care.

Contact the Marvel Group today to learn more about how our Shared Cost Savings model can help you achieve your spine surgery program’s financial and quality goals.

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